Fast paced, athletic action, serious competition- Protoball is a futuristic sports game, and the future of eSports. Protoball is a first person science fiction blend of basketball and soccer crossed with high tech futuristic style. Players gracefully and athletically jump, slide, run, flip & fly around the arena trying to pass the protoball through the opponents goal.


Gameplay mechanics – Controls will be easy and fluid- it should never be a challenge to control your athlete. The competitive balance will be perfectly fine-tuned and fun to play at all levels, from beginners to professionals. We will include and listen to the community.


With your help we can make Protoball the best eSport every played.

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Character Customization

Customization is very important to us- we value the ability to make your character yours. We want to have an ever expanding inventory of outfits & equipment for players to choose from. All cosmetic items & loot will be available in different loot drops after each match, as well as available for purchase. There may be limited edition items, but nothing will be exclusively for purchase, everything available will have a chance of dropping at the end of a match.

Tournaments and Leagues

Protoball will feature official leagues with seasons and championships. In addition to leagues we’ll run official tournaments on a frequent basis. This functionality will be built into the game/menus. Competing in events will be a seamless experience. Tournaments will use an in-game currency for admission fee, and will pay out with in-game currency.

Make it Yours

Protoball will feature official leagues and we’ll also have official teams. Much like a guild in an MMORPG- players will be able to make teams in Protoball. Teams will be able create customized uniforms with 3 color variants.


Individuals will be able to customize a wide number of things to make their players, and teams, unique. The player will be able to customize their athlete’s body type, outfits (pants, shirts, jerseys, athletic wear etc),VFX (ball color & trail, jump particles, goal & player explosions), and anything else the community requests.

Loot Drops

It’s an essential requirement. Protoball will have so many loot drops and rewards for playing.

Community Development

We value the community and want to include everyone in shaping the game. If funded & possible we’ll include more than suggestions from the community- skins, models, game-modes and more!

Multiple Game Modes

In addition to the core competitive game mode we’ll be adding Dodgeball (Team Death Match and Free For All) and Training maps where you can fine tune your skills & practice, as well as set your mouse sensitivity.