• August 2 2017 Update Changes

    Tweaks, Bugs and Polishes Fixes

    Where do we begin? StudioZ3D has been at it making some serious changes, tweaks and polishing.

    • More visual VFX by the wizard him self Luos. VFX added include, new ball trail, shield shot, jumping sparks, fireworks and powerups
    • Character customization/selection screen added. This has been added but in the next update we are added a 3D locker room that includes a sauna, training room and more. Currently the selection screen allows you to chose male or female character. After crowd funding so many more customization features will be added!
    • New HUD layout
    • Standardizing the overall UI theme of Protoball ( still needs more work but we have a general consensus regarding the appearance, font, shapes we want everything to be. There maybe future color tweaks but we’re pretty happy with the way it is now. It’s 100% original, easy to use, not to much eye strain and very clean.
    • New animations added to the game just working on tweaking and polishing these in. Animations will include different variety for when the player is on the ground and while in air.
    • New website, forum, store added!
    • New background music added, created by Noah Spradlin
    • Helmets, gloves and shoes added to models ( needs some polishing due to a clipping weighting issue we’re experiencing from the modeler but should be fixed in no time)
    • Power up icons changed
    • Kill log icons changed
    • Crosshair sized reduced
    • Added customizable key entry that is more advanced than most all games in the market today. Instead of just setting WASD keys, eXi added ability to set ctrl + shift + alt + key combinations.
    • Getting rid of double tap to dash/shoulder charge and replacing it with a shift + WASD combination entry. Double tap was finicky and unreliable. To reduce issues we are taking this route. There maybe a change in the future as well, only more game play testing will show the best route to take.